WhatsApp Beta Now Labels Forwarded Messages on Android SmartPhone

WhatsApp Beta Now Labels Forwarded Messages on Android SmartPhone | MyFSTech.com

WhatsApp Has recently announced a new feature called Labels On the forwarded Messages. Recently it is said that WhatsApp has rolled out another version of WhatsApp Theis the Beta Version 2.18.179.

WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp users of Beta Now Will Enjoy A new feature. That is A Notification type means whenever WhatsApp Beta User will receive a new message, suppose That you will receive a forwarded message that is sent by someone to your sender. Then you will be notified that you have received a message that is “Forwarded by Someone”.

This type of notification will be received for you. WhatsApp will have a new algorithm. That automatically detects forwarded messages and then Labels them as Forwarded means WhatsApp will automatically Label Forwarded Messages.


Forwarded Label on Messages?

From now, you will receive these types of notifications that you will either have received a forwarded type of message or not.  The feature will be initially provided to the only WhatsApp Beta Users of Android. Sorry To The IOS users because they will not enjoy this new feature that WhatsApp automatically labels forwarded messages.

This feature is basically introduced to the users for the sake of distinguishing between what the original message and what is forwarded message. Through this feature, the users can easily know the type of message.

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When be Will Stable version released?

it is expected that the stable version of beta WhatsApp will be released soon. But it is provided to the users of Android, IOS and Windows Phone. It is to announce that The current version is Only released for the Android. As a Beta Version of WhatsApp for Android, there is no Beta Version For The IOS.

Both of the Sender And Receiver of this message will be “Forwarded” label on the top left corner of the message.

Download Here:

Download Now Beta Version 2.18.179 WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Beta Now Labels Forwarded Messages on Android SmartPhone
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