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OOP: History Of C++ And Features Of C++

History and features of c++

History And Features Of C++ We try to provide features and history of C++ language in easy language. History of C++ : New programming languages appeared in the 1960’s. And that was the early level of computer development. There are many languages that are introduced before the C++ language: CPL …

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Language Processor – Compiler, Interpretor and Assembler


Language Processor – Compiler, Interpreter, and Assembler Language Processor: We know that a computer understands only machine languages easily. Assembly language or high-level language Programs cannot be run directly on a computer. It must be converted into machine language. Language processor is a software. It is used to convert a …

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Programming languages And Its Types

Programming Languages

Programming languages: A set of code, words, and symbols used to write programs is called programming languages. Programming languages are used to create programs. There are two types of programming languages : – Low-level languages High-level languages 1) Low-level languages: Low-level programming languages are not easily understandable by the human. …

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