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Switch Structure In C++ Language

switch structure

Switch Structure In C++ Language Switch Structure: The switch structure is another conditional structure. It is the alternative way of nested ‘if-else’ structure. Through this structure, we can easily select one option if many choices are available. But this situation is difficult to implement in nested ‘if-else’ structure. Syntax: switch(expression){ …

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Conditional structure in C++ language

Conditional structure

Conditional structure in C++ language Conditional structure: A statement that used to control the flow of execution on the base of some conditions of a program called conditional structure. Different conditional structures are the following: ‘if’ structure ‘if-else’ structure Multiple ‘if-else-if’ structure Nested ‘if’ structure ‘if’ statement: In the C++ …

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Escape Sequences in C++ language

Escape sequences

Escape Sequences in C++ language Escape Sequences: In the C++ language, escape sequences are special characters that used to format the strings. These characters do not display as an output. These characters used with backslash ‘\’ that call escape character. List of the Escape sequences that used in the C++ language are: …

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Type Casting in C or C++ Language

type casting

Type Casting in C++ Language Type Casting: The process by which converting data type of a value during execution, called TypeCasting. For example, if we have a float type variable and we need to use this variable as an integer variable. Here we need Type Casting. We can perform type …

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Operators in C++ Language

operators in C++

Operators in C++ Language Operators in C++: What Are Operators? Operators in C++ are symbols that use to perform specific tasks on data. C++ operators include Arithmetic operators, logical operators, bitwise operators, relational operators, compound assignment operators etc. The operators can be categorized as follows: Unary operators: Unary operators work …

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