Customize Blogger Template Completely | Earn Money With Blogger


Customize Blogger Template Completely | Earn Money With Blogger

Customize Blogger Template Completely

Blogger Template

Hello Friends! This is the second part of our Blogger Website Earning Course. Today in this lecture we will customize the Blogger Template. Also, we will customize the complete blog. As we know that, By default, the blogger will provide many of themes.

Most of them are ugly. Because the Templates the blogger provides by default are classic Templates. so today I will show you how to install template and Customize Template Completely. Also, simple blogger templates free available for download so you can download them easily.

This Lecture is totally based on “how to customize your blogger blog step by step beginner guide“.

Important Note:

If You Haven’t Learned Our Lecture one Then click on How To Make Blogger Website and Earn Money | Basic Introduction.

How To Customize Default Blogger Template?

  1. The answer is very simple. You need to just login into your Blogger dashboard Account.
  2. head over to the Theme Section Tab located on the Left side.
  3. Just click Theme Tab and you will find two buttons: Customize and Edit HTML.
  4. Click on the Customize Button then all of the sections are displayed which you can use and customize your blog.


All of the Customizations of Template are Explained in Detail in the Video (Located Below).

How To Install Template?

  1. To install New Template, you just need to Click on the Template Tab.
  2. Now Click on the Backup/Restore Button Located at the top Right Corner.
  3. Just Click on Backup/Restore and then click on the Upload File.
  4. Chose Template File  Filename.XML and click ok.
  5. After That hit Upload Button.
  6. The Template will successfully be applied to the blogger blog.


The Method of how to install blogger template and Customize Template Completely is shown in detail in the video (located Below).

Video of Template Installation/Customization:



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