Top 5 Rules to Become Successful


Top 5 Rules to Become Successful

Become Successful

Become Successful

How to Become Successful

Everyone has a unique definition in his mind about how to Become Successful it means like according to me “A person is successful if he is rich and also spiritually strong”. But maybe according to you ” A person is successful if he is a Boxing World champion” for someone else the definition may different then my or your’s definition.

Whatever the definition you have in your mind about a successful person these are the 5 rules you have to follow to become successful in your particular field or to accomplish a particular goal.

1)Put God First

If you want to become successful you have to put the creator of yourself as well as the creator of success the “God”.

Because ” if you put the God first in your life then God put you first in his eyes” you always have to be thankful to God for the things and accomplishments he gives you in your past then the God will give you more in your present and future life. But you have to do hard work and also keep asking God for a particular achievement which is you are trying to accomplish.

2)Learn from past

No one is 100% perfect everyone done mistakes in his life but if you keep these mistakes with you and always think about them then there is no way for you to become successful because when you constantly think about your mistakes you have done in your past you only become depressed and feel shameful about yourself.

There is only one way to start a new life which is  ” you have to understand that you are not able to change your past but you have beautiful and perfect present and future” to start a new life you only have to learn from your past and keep in mind that you will not repeat the same mistakes in your future.

3)Set Goals

A Goal is a thing which will define the direction of your life. You have to have the goals daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals.

You have to do hard work and be consistent to accomplish these goals. When you set a goal for yourself you have to give you 101% of your efforts to achieve it.

4)Read Books

All people who are successful now, the books play an important role in their lives. As you know that the “Readers are Leaders” so to become successful you have to learn from the success stories, struggles, and lives of the people who are already successful.

You have to read the books which helped you to become successful faster by applying the different rules written in these books. According to me “Seven habits of highly effective people” is a very helpful book to achieve success.

5)Don’t Make Excuses

Every single human being faces the same difficulties in their lives to achieve their goals. All human beings have the same emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs as you have but these needs do not become a hurdle between them and their goals.

So you have to take responsibility for everything you have done in your life don’t make excuses that the different human needs are made difficulties for me or different people are made difficulties for me in my past when I want to get something in my life you have to take the responsibility of “each and everything you have done in your life”.

If you don’t want to do something no one in this whole world going to enforce you to do that particular thing so please stop blaming others and take the responsibility of the mistakes you have done in your past.

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