Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition [PDF]

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition [PDF] Book. This Book also known as artificial intelligence a modern approach by Stuart J. We upload this version because Russell and Peter Norvig 4th edition is the most popular book. The book presents the latest codes of A.I or you can say Artificial Intelligence. It is mostly used because it is recommended the book for A.I By Google itself. This was firstly published in 1995. Later That only the 3rd edition is released on 11-13 December of 2009.

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach


Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition:-

Following are the detail of book:

Originally published on December 13, 1994
Authors of Artificial Intelligence: Peter Norvig, Stuart J. Russell
Publisher Name: Prentice Hall
Total Pages: 1,152
Category: Computer Science
ISBN-13: 978-0136042594
ISBN-10: 0136042597
OCLC: 359890490

Importance of Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach:

The importance can be considered by this factor that  Book so-called A Modern Approach is recommended by Google and Wikipedia. 93 percent of people liked “A Modern Approach 4th Edition” on Google. The Good Reads Score is 4.5 out of 5.0. Artificial intelligence a modern approach latest edition is only uploaded first time by the MyFSTech Team.

According to Wikipedia: 

It used in over 1350 universities worldwide and has been called “the most popular artificial intelligence textbook in the world”


Some History:

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 3rd or 4th Edition firstly introduced for the Un-Educated people or persons. Who are unaware of the Artificial Intelligence. Today It is also the one and only powerful book of Artificial Intelligence. Similarly most importantly use in the universities to teach this book. Most universities recommend this book as a part of the subject up to 4-6 credit hours.

Contents of “A Modern Approach” Book:-

Following are the 7 Parts of Book:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Knowledge, reasoning, and planning
  4. Uncertain knowledge and reasoning
  5. Learning
  6. Communicating, perceiving, and acting
  7. Conclusions


Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 4th Edition Code Presentation Overview:

Following are the form in which Code is usually presented Pseudo Code:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Lips
  • C#
  • C++
  • Prolog
  • some other languages…

The GitHub basically has implemented all of the codes inside the book. You can also check that code online on GitHub Repository They Have a dedicated repository for all of the Artificial Intelligence codes. Must Explore it.

Download Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach 3rd Edition & 4th Edition:

Following are the different links to download different edition:

  • A Modern Approach 3rd Edition Download Now:-
  • A Modern Approach 4th Edition Download Now:-
  • 4th Edition: View Details Now
  • 4th Edition “Exercise Solution”: Coming Soon…


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